William Tranter – Cased Revolver

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Cased “Third Model” double trigger revolver manufactured approximately 1857/1858.



Little is known about this revolver other than it came from an estate in Argentina whose original owner emigrated to South America c1870. The family selling various collected items in London, in December 1990



This standard ‘3rd model’ 80 Bore,(.386″ chamber dia; .396 bullet dia) Tranters Patent, double trigger, five shot, percussion revolver carries the serial number 20419T which dates the manufacture. It is stamped with the Birmingham proof and view marks on both the barrel and the cylinder. It has a barley-corn foresight, notched ‘V’ rearsight, scroll engraved frame, stamped on left side with “H.H” (outworks mark), Tranter double trigger and loading rammer stamped ‘32‘ and ‘TRANTERS PATENT, ‘Y’ shaped safety spring, colour hardened cylinder with knurled band and checkered walnut one piece grip with engraved steel butt cap. The barrel is 4.5″ long.



Original mahogany case (13.5″ x 7.75″ x 2.4″) with empty brass escutcheon on lid, lined with green baize.

Contained with the revolver are the following accessories: double cavity bullet mould stamped ‘80‘ and ‘TRANTERS PATENT‘; James Dixon patent top revolver flask with variable charger and bag shaped body; James Dixon pewter oil bottle; Rosewood combination cleaning/loading/ball removing rod; ebony handled turn screw and nipple wrench with pricker; japanned tin containing original Tranter Patent Lubricating Bullets; two other japanned tins, for lubricating composition and ELEY percussion caps; all three with matching green labels, five spare nipples and case key.



1  Argentine provenance Mr M Scott (Weller & Dufty) 1990.

2  Proof identification from Birmingham Proof House 1991

3  For manufacturing details see “THE REVOLVER 1818-1865”–Taylerson.



This revolver has no evidence of use other than occasional handling. To ensure that the gun was in full working order (was seized up) hardened grease was removed to reveal an “ex factory ” revolver. The powder flask has never held powder. The bullet mould appears to be “factory” greased. All of the accessories appear original and in excellent condition.