Robert Wogdon – Cased pair of Flintlock Duelling pistols

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DSC_1554  DSC_1550  DSC_1547  Wogdon Cased pair of Flintlock Duelling pistols


Cased pair of Flintlock Duelling pistols manufactured approximately 1794/1795.


No history is known about these pistols other than that of the maker, which is well documented. However it is worth stating that Wogdon joined with John Barton in 1794/1795 and these pistols although classically Wogdon are engraved on the top flat of the barrels “WOGDON & BARTON LONDON” yet on the bottom flat (hidden by the stock) are stamped the initials “R W” and the lock plates are engraved ‘Wogdon’ only. It is believed that these pistols are among the first supplied under the new partnership. “Robert Wogdon”, was made famous during his lifetime, in the Poem: “Stanzas on Duelling” (1783), by an Irish Volunteer; in which it states, “Hail Wogdon!… Patron of that Leaden death

Interestingly these pistols look identical to the pistols used in the Burr-Hamilton duel of 1804, including the ‘concealed hair triggers’


The barrels which are gently swamped to the muzzle, are 10.25″ octagonal, sighted, browned twist with a smooth bore size of .550″. They are inscribed on top flat WOGDON & BARTON LONDON and carry the London proof and view marks on the bottom flat.
The gold lined touch holes with their flat bolted locks, double raised edge cocks with sliding safety bars inscribed WOGDON and their fine set triggers are of classic Wogdon form.

They are walnut full stocked with engraved trigger guards, stylized pineapple finials and ramrod pipes. The ramrods are wooden, one with ball worm and reversible iron powder measure, the other horn tipped


Original mahogany case (18″ x 8.25″ x 3″) lined with green baize.
Contained with the pistols are the following: .539″ ball mould; interesting three way powder flask; cleaning and loading rods; mainspring clamp; turnscrew and case key.


For a similar set see P135 plate 514 in “British Gunmakers Cards Cases and Equipment” by Neal and Back. (Note identical case damage!)


The complete set [excluding an oil bottle!] has evidence of use but has been well cared for.


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