Isaac Blissett – Cased Pepper-Box Revolver


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This cased, 52 bore, self cocking, six shot, bar hammer, percussion PEPPER-BOX revolver was manufactured approximately 1830


No history is known about this revolver. However the maker, Isaac Blissett was from 1808 to 1820 a “hair manufacturer, jeweller and perfumer”. From 1823 to 1854 he was registered as a gunmaker at 69 Leadenhall Street LONDON.


The six shot barrel group which is 3.5″ long is stamped on alternative grooves with the London proof and view marks. On each barrel is engraved the Nos. 1-6. The bore dia is .450″. The muzzle is finely engraved.

The frame is of German silver, finely and profusely engraved with scrolls as is the blued hammer. The panel on the left is engraved “I. BLISSETT 69 LEADENHALL St LONDON” and on the right panel “IMPROVED REVOLVING PISTOL”. The engraved one piece backstrap has a blank escutcheon panel, the blued trigger guard is also engraved.

The walnut grips are plain and two piece.


It is cased in its original Mahogany case, (10.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.25″) lined with green baize. The lid carries a brass escutcheon plate which is engraved with the initials “A.C.”

Contained with the revolver is the following: .453″ odd leg (for loading) ball mould stamped “No 52” and “WG”; ebony handled turnscrew with pricker and a split nipple key; ebony handled cleaning, loading and ball removing rod; 6 unused spare nipples; japanned tin of correct size percussion caps.


  1. Page 29 in “British Gunmakers Cards Cases and Equipment” by Neal and Back, refers to Blissett with an example of his trade card.


The set has evidence of use but has been well cared for. Certain of the accessories appear to be of later addition yet of original pattern.