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Blunderbuss — CLARKE of DUBLIN

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This unusual brass barrelled with Spanish Patilla [Miquelet] lock, was manufactured approximately 1780 (dated by lock manufacture).



No history is known about this gun other than it was recorded in the Irish arms census of 1843 as L-M383. However with its brass barrel it certainly could have been used for sea or some coastal duties.



The barrel has a bore size of .657″ and is 15.5″ long, 3 stage brass, with octagonal breech, stamped on top flat CLARKE DUBLIN with Irish census No L-M383. On next flat are CF; 3 and TK.

The large Spanish Patilla (Miquelet) lock with heavy scrolled engraving is stamped on the steel with a punzon (lockmakers seal) inlaid with gold [crown above 2 rows of letters VILA  DELL]. This punzion belonged to Joan Vilardell a lockmaker of Ripoll (Catalonia-Spain) who was manufacturing locks about 1778 to 1808.  The lock was probably forwarded to the Irish gunmaker Clarke of Dublin, as a large number of Spanish Patilla locks were delivered to European Gunmakers during this period.

It is fullstocked with dark Walnut, carrying brass furniture including acorn finial; trigger guard; buttplate (stamped with L-M383) and two ramrod pipes. Also a wooden, brass capped ram and cleaning rod with steel worm. Overall length 31″.



1  Proof mark identification by Birmingham Proof House (1991).

2  For a similar weapon see “BLUNDERBUSSES” by D R Baxter plate 23 and page 27.

3  Lock provenance  September 2001, Sala Antiques Spain.



The gun carries evidence of use, worn steel, lock sear wear; slight barrel bulge. Poor attempt to add a spring bayonet, yet is in excellent condition both in lock movement and finish. Has been well looked after.


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