The Manton Supplement – W Keith Neil & D H L Back

This enlightening reference book published by The Crompton Press in 1978 is a follow on from the original 1967 publication ‘The Mantons: Gunmakers detailing many more weapons made by the Mantons from information that came to light in the subsequent decade, from owners of Mantons across the world.

This book is in excellent condition

“No collector of antique firearms or British sporting weapons can be without both the original volume and this supplement” – the authors.

Price: A$170.oo + p&p OR paired with the sister publication A$300.00 + p&p



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The Mantons: Gunmakers – W Keith Neal & D H L Back




This classic reference book of 300 pages documenting the output of the great gunmaking family is in excellent condition and details not only the individual guns but contains images and illustrations.

This first edition was published by Herbert Jenkins-London in  1967


Price: A$170.00 + p&p…Note: The subsequent issue ‘The Manton Supplement’ is also available for as a pair at A$300.00




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Great British Gunmakers 1782-1878 The Mantons – D H L Back

This SIGNED copy of this excellent reference book, published in 1993 by Historical Firearms is in excellent condition and details by serial number known weapons at that time manufactured by brothers John and Joseph along with other family members.

There are many great reference images of the guns, patents and designs as well as the makers. A must for the collector.

Price A$60.00 + p&p




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